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Servlet API

August 5, 2009
The simple, flexible Servlet API brings the power of Java to write program for server side
Java is a great platform for writing the server side of your web-based application. The same features which make Java a better platform for writing client applications make it better for writing servers. Your server applications will benefit from its type safety and other rapid development features even more than your client applications did, because multithreading support is built into the Java platform.
Java makes it easy to develop and deploy all parts of a professional, maintainable distributed system application. The Servlet API provides you the fastest way to start using Java Server technology in your network applications. You can start with applications which involve clients and a single server, and gradually create multi-tier enterprise applications which integrate the power and flexibility of Java throughout your existing network . . .
Overview of Java Servlets
Servlets are protocol- and platform-independent server side components, which dynamically extend Java enabled servers. They provide a general framework for services built using the request-response paradigm. Their initial use is to provide secure web-based access to data which is presented using HTML web pages, interactively viewing or modifying that data using dynamic web page generation techniques.
Servlets are most often provided by organizations which provide customized multi-user services to their customer bases. However, servlets are also flexible enough to support standardized services such as serving static web pages through the HTTP (or HTTPS) protocols, and proxying services. Since they are used for dynamic extensibility, they may be used in a plug-in style, supporting facilities such as search engines and semi-custom applications. Servlets also provide a strong platform for semi-custom applications, such as web-based order entry or inventory systems.
Although all servlets are written in Java, their clients may be written in any language. When servlets are used in the middle tiers of distributed
To know more about Servlet API  please refer to this link: ServletAPI
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