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Role of Business Analyst

August 5, 2009
The Business Analysis is the process of understanding business change if needs, to evaluate the impact of those changes, analyzing and documenting the requirements using various tools. Also help to improve the organization. In order to reduce overall costs, provide more efficient use of resources, and better support to customers. The person who carries out this task is called a business analyst.

Define and Scope Business Area
The first step must be sure that the project scope is clear and complete before going to collect the requirements.
Elicit Requirements
In this step the Business Analyst is to gather the detailed requirements that completely define the project. Business Analyst must be sure that the gathered informations are got from the right person.
Analyze and Document Requirements
The Requirements are analyzed and documented using an iterative approach. Also each and every requirement is documented clearly and additional questions will arise requiring the analyst to query deeper if need.
Communicate Requirements
This role is to act as an association between the business area experts and the technical team.
The Business Analyst should be the best communicator on the project team.
Identify Solution
The role is to describe how the business analyst can verify the correctness of proposed system, and how to support the implementation of a solution and access possible shortcoming in the implementation, or some combination of the above.
Verify Solution Meets the Requirements
The Business Analyst should keep in touch with the project even after the technical team takes over. The Business Analyst reviews the technical designs proposed by the design team for usability issues and to assure the requirements are being satisfied.
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