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Peer To Peer

August 5, 2009
Peer To Peer is a network model in which all the computers in the network act both as client and server. A pure Peer To Peer network does not have a single server instead they have equal peer nodes which simultaneously act both as server and client.
How Peer to Peer is different from Client-Server Architecture?

Classifications of Peer to Peer networks:
Classification based on the purpose they are user for:
1) File sharing
2) Telephony
3) Media
4) Discussion forums
Classification based on the degree of centralization
1) Pure Peer to Peer networks
2) Hybrid Peer to Peer networks
Pure Peer to Peer networks:
They don¬タルt have a centralized server. All the peers equally act both as a server and client
Hybrid Peer to Peer networks:
A centralized server is maintained that keeps track of information available in different servers. Peers are responsible for hosting the available resources to the central server.
Application using Peer to Peer networks:
Peer to Peer networks are used in different application areas such as,
1) Bioinformatics
2) Education
3) Military
4) Business
5) Televisions
6) Telecommunications
Advantages of using Peer to Peer networks:
1) All the computers in the network provide resources including bandwidth, storage area and computing power.
2) It increases the robustness. In case if a particular peer fails, it is carried over by the other peers.
3) High responsiveness.
Drawbacks in using Peer to Peer networks:
1) Some make use of the Peer to Peer network without contributing resource to the network
2) Some introduce virus in the network
3) Some circulated unwanted unsolicited materials across the network
4) Some spoils the data which is already in the network.
But most of these defects can be solved by proper design and by using encryption.
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