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How Does Webcast Software Work?

August 5, 2009

How Does Webcast Software Work?

There are different types of webcasting software available that all do different tasks and work in different ways. Webcasting software includes content creation software (including audio webcasting software and video webcasting software), encoding software, distribution software and client viewing software. There is also webcast training software that does provide training and information to help people learn how to produce their own webcast.

Three of the major companies for audio and visual webcasts are Windows, Real Player and Quick Time. There are software packages that create and distribute webcasts in these different formats. For example, windows webcasting software will help create and distribute webcasts using the Windows Media Player.
Content Creation

Content creation software creates the video and audio broadcast, using video, sound and editing equipment. Items such as cameras and microphones are used to capture the media content. Content creation software will help you create the video or audio content you want to use in your webcast.
Encoding Software

Encoding software prepares the media into a format that can be streamed over the internet. The encoder software converts the audio or video file into an electric version that is able to be streamed. Three of the major webcasting formats for encoders are Real Producer, Quick Time Broadcaster and Windows Media Encoder.
Distribution Software

Distribution software allows the webcasts to be distributed to people over the internet. This can be down by using server software like Windows Media Services, Real Networks Helix server or QuickTime Streaming server. Some people choose to make their webcasts available in different formats. You can also have the webcasts hosting by another company.
Client Viewing Software

Client viewing software allows the client to view or listen to the webcast. The type of player needed will depend on the format of the webcast. The most popular formats for webcasts are Windows Media, Real player and QuickTime. Clients can usually download free webcast software that allows them to view the webcast. Many websites provide a link where people can download the appropriate player for free.

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