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Google API’s

August 5, 2009

Google AJAX Feed API
The AJAX Feed API makes it easy to access and use data feeds in your JavaScript applications. You used to need a server to proxy feeds before you could read and manipulate them in mashups; now you can load RSS and Atom feeds from different sources with a few lines of JavaScript code.

Google AJAX Search API
The Google AJAX Search API lets you use JavaScript to embed a simple, dynamic Google search box and display search results in your own web pages, or use search results programmatically in innovative ways. If you don’t feel like coding, you can even use our code wizards to add custom AJAX search controls to your web page in just a few steps.

Google Calendar APIs and Tools
The Google Calendar Data API and other tools enable you to do many things: create a web front end for your group’s calendar, generate a public calendar based on your organization’s event database, create Calendar Gadgets, and much more.

Google Chart API
The Google Chart API is a simple tool that lets you create many types of charts. Send an HTTP request that includes data and formatting parameters and the Chart API returns a PNG image of the chart. Embed in a webpage with an image tag and you’re done!

Google Checkout API
Google Checkout provides a streamlined e-commerce checkout process that can be integrated with Google AdWords and Analytics to attract more leads and drive better conversion rates. The Checkout API allows you to integrate your site with Google Checkout, either by spending 5 minutes and dropping in simple “Buy Now” buttons, or by stepping through a complete integration of your order management system with Checkout. It’s a message-based REST XML API involving synchronous and asynchronous interactions between Google and the merchant’s server.

Google Gadgets API
Google Gadgets are simple HTML and JavaScript mini-applications served in iFrames that can be embedded in webpages and other apps. Built-in JavaScript libraries make it easy to create gadgets that include tabs, Flash content, persistent storage, dynamic resizing, and more. Many gadgets are viewed millions of times per week and generate significant traffic for their authors.

Google Maps API
The Google Maps API allows you to create innovative online mapping applications and helps integrate maps and geo-coding into your websites. With it, you can easily present your geo-referenced content in any web browser.

Social Graph API
The Social Graph API makes information about the public connections between people on the Web easily available and useful for developers. Developers can query this public information to offer their users dramatically streamlined “add friends” functionality and other useful features.

Google Themes API
The Google Themes API allows you to further personalize the iGoogle homepage by specifying your own background images and colors in an XML file. Themes can change throughout the day, making it easy to create a visual story, a landscape that changes as the sun rises and sets, or a dynamic piece of art.

Picasa Web Albums Data API
The Picasa Web Albums Data API allows websites and client applications to view and update Picasa Web Albums content. Using Google Data API feeds, one can retrieve and update photo albums, add new comments and photos, and even tag photos automatically. It’s the easy way to get photos and albums into your own website or application.

YouTube Data API
YouTube offers open access to key parts of the YouTube video repository and user community, via an open API interface and RSS feeds. Using
YouTube Data API, one can easily integrate online videos from YouTube’s rapidly growing repository of videos into your application.

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