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Enterprise-level Solution for Software Globalization

August 5, 2009

MULTILIZER Software Globalization Framework — is an integrated enterprise-level solution for software globalization. It enables organizations to cost-effectively accelerate the process of developing and maintaining their software products as multi-locale and multilingual versions enabled for worldwide use and distribution. This enables you to ship simultaneous or nearly simultaneous language versions of your software.

This scalable and solid framework, consisting of solutions for all major software development environments, provides companies with an integrated and compatible set of tools for streamlining all their software globalization tasks, enterprise wide.

Picture. With MULTILIZER framework your enterprise can produce and maintain multiple language versions of its software in all major desktop, Internet, Wireless & PDA environments – with one uniform tool interface and with one shared translation database.

Software engineering

Developer tools help to make the adaptations in the software required: Support for additional languages, character sets, different collation orders, date/time marking etc. Since all major programming environments are supported, software globalized with Multilizer can target Windows as well as any wireless Internet platform.


Translator tools assist in the software translation. Regardless of the development environment of the original software, translator tools remain the same.

Project Management

To achieve an optimal time-to-market, efficient software globalization management is more than essential. Multilizer Project Manager is used to manage software globalization projects. While separate Multilizer tools work smoothly together, Project Manager controls the work-flows between developers, translators and the quality assurance.

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