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Document Management System

August 5, 2009

Document management system is a computer system or set of computer programs to store and track electronic documents.

Document management system is classified into two type according to the data managed. First type of document management system is developed in the early 1980¬タルs to manage the paper based documents. These systems manage the paper based documents which includes not only the documents, buts also photos and prints.

The second type of document management system is developed to manage the electronic document which includes all those documents created by using the computer. The earliest electronic document management (EDM) systems were either developed to manage proprietary file types, or a limited number of file formats. Many of these systems were later referred to as document imaging systems, because the main capabilities were capture, storage, indexing and retrieval of image file formats. These systems enabled an organization to capture faxes and forms, save copies of the documents as images, and store the image files in the repository for security and quick retrieval. Now day¬タルs document management systems are available for managing any type of file format.

Before using the document management systems we want to take the following things into consideration


Where will documents be stored?
Where will people need to go to access documents?


How will documents be filed?
What methods will be used to organize or index the documents to assist in later retrieval?

How will documents be found?


How will documents be kept secure?
How will unauthorized personnel be prevented from reading, modifying or destroying documents?

Disaster Recovery

How can documents be recovered in case of destruction from fires, floods or natural disasters?

How long the document should be retained?

How can documents be preserved for future readability?

How can documents be available to the people that need them?


If documents need to pass from one person to another, what are the rules for how their work should flow?

How the documents are created?


How do we provide needed requirements for legal submission to government and private industry that the documents are original and meet their standards for authentication?

List of document management systems:

* Alfresco
* ColumbiaSoft
* Executive technologies
* Documentum
* KnowledgeTree
* Laserfiche
* Livelink
* Main//Pyrus DMS
* Meridio
* OpenKM
* Perceptive Software
* Questys Solutions
* Report2Web
* Sharepoint
* Saperion
* TRIM Context

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