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August 5, 2009
General Certifications: – Network & Security
Certification Path
Routing & Switching
CCIE Routing &
Network Security
CCIE Security
Service Provider
CCIE Service Provider
Storage Networking
CCIE Storage Networking
CCIE  Voice
CCNA- Cisco Certified Network Associate
Candidates have the option of gaining the certification by passing two tests (ICND1 640-822 and ICND2 640-816), or one single test (CCNA 640-802); the two-test option has the advantage of allowing the candidate to focus on certain subjects.
The certification is valid for three years;at that time a CCNA holder must either
Re-take the CCNA or ICND exam, or take and pass an exam for one of the Professional (e.g., CCNP) or Specialist level certifications (excluding the sales specialist exams), or pass the CCIE written exam.
INTRO or ICND exams= $125
Full CCNA exam     = $150
CCENT –Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician
The “Associate” level and begins with Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) certification.The CCENT covers only basic networking knowledge, and does not get involved with the more technical aspects
CCDA – Cisco Certified Design Associate
The CCDA certification indicates apprentice knowledge of Cisco network design. Individuals who have earned a CCDA are capable of designing switched or routed networks consisting of LANs, WANs, and various dial services. While a CCNA certification is not required to take the CCDA exam, Cisco recommends being familiar with CCNA material.
CCNP ￯﾿ᄁ￯ᄒタ￯ᄒモ Cisco Certified Network Professional
The CCNP is considered proof of having the ability to work with medium-sized networks (between 100 and 500 end devices) and with technology such as Qos, broadband, VPNs, and security-minded features. To acquire a CCNP one must possess a CCNA certification first and then pass three or four tests, depending on the path one chooses. The four tests path requires the candidate to pass the following tests:
642-901 BSCI: Building Scalable Cisco Internet works (BSCI)
642-812 BCMSN: Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks (BCMSN)
642-825 ISCW: Implementing Secure Converged Wide Area Networks (ISCW)
642-845 ONT: Optimizing Converged Cisco Networks (ONT)
The BSCI and BCMSN tests can be taken as one single composite test known as the 642-892 Composite [9] which covers subjects for Building Scalable Cisco Internet works (BSCI) and Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks (BCMSN).
Re-certify or upgrade to a CCIE every three years.
CCDP – Cisco Certified Design Professional
The CCDP certification is an advanced network design certification provided by Cisco Systems, Inc. Candidates for the certification are tested for advanced knowledge of Cisco devices and the way to interconnect them. This certification is considered a professional level certificate by Cisco Systems. (The CCNA and CCDA are prerequisite.)
CCSP – Cisco Certified Security Professional
The CCSP certification is an advanced network security certification. Candidates for the certification are tested for advanced knowledge of various Cisco security products.
To attain this certification several tests must be passed in the areas of VPN, IDS, PIX firewall, Secure IOS, the Cisco SAFE, as well as having a CCNA or higher level certification (e.g. CCNP or CCIP).
The common practice is to take five exams which include one elective paper
CCIP – Cisco Certified Internet work Professional
The CCIP certification is a professional certification covering the end-to-end protocols used in large scale networks. To attain this certification tests must be passed in the areas of routing, BGP, MPLS and Quality of service.
CCVP ￯﾿ᄁ￯ᄒタ￯ᄒモ Cisco Certified Voice Professional
The CCVP is a certification covering all aspects of IP Telephony/VOIP networks and applications.
To attain this certification, five tests must be passed in the areas of Quality of service, Cisco VoIP, IP Telephony Troubleshooting, Cisco IP Telephony, and Gateway Gatekeeper.
1) CCIE ￯﾿ᄁ￯ᄒタ￯ᄒモ Cisco Certified Internet working Expert
CCIE Routing & Switching
Routing and Switching is by far the most popular track with 14,329 certified individuals as of November 14th, 2007.The certification covers a variety of networking concepts and protocols.
Routing and Switching, IP Interior Gateway Routing Protocols, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Multicast Routing, Quality of Service (QoS), Security, IP and IOS Features.
CCIE Security
The Security track concentrates on network security and covers subjects such as ASA, IDS, IOS security, security and many others.
CCIE Service Provider
The Service Provider track focuses on networking in the service provider industry. Subjects include Optical networks, DSL, WAN switching, Voice over IP, Content Networking, Broadband Cable and Metro Ethernet.
CCIE Storage Networking
The latest addition to the CCIE certification tracks is the CCIE Storage Networking track. As the name suggests, the Storage Networking track concentrates on storage networking topics, such as Fibre Channel, iSCSI, FCIP, Intra VSAN Routing and FICON.
CCIE Voice
The Voice track concentrates on voice solutions for the enterprise and includes subjects such as QoS, MGCP, Call Manager (Cisco’s VoIP PBX), Cisco Unity (Cisco’s Unified Messaging platform), Unity Express and IP Contact Center Express.
CCDE – Cisco Certified Design Expert
Cisco Certified Design Expert CCDE Assesses advanced Network Infrastructure Design Principles and Fundamentals for large networks. A CCDE can demonstrate an ability to develop solutions which address planning, design, integration, optimization, operations, security and ongoing support focused at the infrastructure level for customer networks.
Step One: CCDE Written Exam You must pass the two-hour, written qualification exam which covers advanced networking infrastructure design principles and concepts. Once you pass the qualification exam, you are them eligible to schedule the practical exam.
Step Two: The CCDE practical exam is still in development, however it will be an eight-hour exam that will test your ability to identify, manage, and create advanced solutions for large scale networks. You must pass the lab within three years of passing the written exam in order to achieve certification.
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