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Business Analysis Tools

August 5, 2009
In my last blog I was discuss with the Business analyst role. Now i want share the information about business analysis tools. This tool has a variety of techniques that can be applied for many problems. The very first thing is to find the ways to reduce costs, so that only the organization will get more profit.
Analyst Pro by Goda Software
Requirements Change Management, Requirements Analysis, and Requirements Traceability.
Blueprint by Blueprint
A blueprint solution is to increase speed of the application lifecycle by pre-populating exact project blueprints (ie: Development Models, Use Cases, Flowcharts, Test Scenarios and all Documentation)
CaliberRM by Borland
CaliberRM is a mutual web-based requirements management tool that supports development.
Doors by Telelogic
A DOOR stands for Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements it includes a storage area for storing requirements and a set of tools to maintain the requirements. It looks and works like a Microsoft Office product.
Ideascope by Orasi
Ideascope allows you to send surveys to stakeholders, capture their responses, rank and prioritize their ideas and turn them into requirements.
iRise lets organizations visualize and interact with critical business systems before development. Simulations become unambiguous, interactive and functionally rich specifications for what to build.
iServer by Orbus Software
iServer is a repository for Microsoft Visio shapes and Microsoft Office documents. The repository allows objects to be reused, shared, and provides an audit trail of changes. It also provides version control.
RAVEN byRavenflow
Ravenflow is revolutionizing how software requirements and business processes are developed and validated. Because requirements errors are the primary cause of project failure, and budget and schedule overruns, enterprises need to detect and correct requirements errors early. Ravenflow’s Requirements Authoring and Validation Environment automatically generate visual models from plain English text so you get immediate visual feedback on your use cases and can correct errors.
ProVision Enterprise by MetaStorm
ProVision Enterprise’s web-based integrated repository of business processes and supporting systems and technology components provide the framework to effectively understand, analyze and improve all dimensions of the enterprise.
Rational Team Unifying Suite by IBM
IBM/Rational offers numerous software development tools that integrate to support the full project life cycle. The Team Unifying Suite supports requirements documentation and management, traceability to test cases, and issues tracking.
Reconcile by Compuware
Compuware Reconcile helps you define and track your project’s goals throughout the entire project lifecycle, preventing those common errors that can cause project failure.

Serena RTM Requirements & Traceability Management
Serena RTM is an Oracle based requirements management tool. Sometimes called an Engineering Information Management (EIM) tool or Development Data management (DDM) tool. Offers online collaboration, traceability, leverages existing tools (Word, Excel, MS Project, visio, Adobe Framemaker).
Smartdraw is a graphic diagramming tool that includes stencils for ANSI flowcharts, organizational charts, swim lane diagrams and data flow diagrams.
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