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API versus ABI

August 5, 2009
As all know API is Application programming interface to simply
say what an API is lets do it this way
The literal meaning for an Interface is “contract”
If a Program has contract with another program to be technical
if a program talks with another program then we say that as a “Programming Interface” If both these things happen together for an application then we say that as an Application Programming Interface (API).
An application binary interface (ABI) describes the low-level interface between an application program and the operating system, or the interface between an application and its libraries, or that between component parts of an application.
An API is similar to an application binary interface (ABI) in that both specify details of how two independent computer programs can interact. However, an API is typically defined at a higher level in terms of a programming language that can be compiled when an application is built, rather than an explicit low level description of how data is laid out in memory. For example, the Linux Standard Base is an ABI, while POSIX is an API.
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