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About Chip2.0

August 5, 2009
Description :
Our task is to design a webpage. In that 40 satori topics are listed out in grid. By clicking each topic it goes to respective page with details of blogs, forums and videos with latest information. These details are stored in database (joomla database) connected with ten10bts server.
Here, its a combination of chipmeet (tools-joomlatools,blogs-mojoblog, forums-fireboard, and videos-seyret), chipcollab (videos-seyret), and chipforge (forums-fireboard).
Identify their databases and list out their fieldname, map these fields by using queries.
Execute the query in database, check and execute it. after, executing then update it .
Important about  SQL and PHP :
The mysql_connect and mysql_select_db functions connect to the database. Be sure to include your correct server, username, password, and database name.
The mysql_query function submits the query to the database and stores a pointer to the results in the $result variable.
The while loop uses the mysql_fetch_row statement to retrieve each row of the result.
The echo statements display each entry using a simple dictionary list format
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