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What are Mashups?

August 3, 2009

What are Mashups?

Mashups :

Mashups is a mix of various data sources. It brings two or more web applications to produce a completely new information service.

The term ‘Mashups’ has been used in both music and software applications.The term generally means mixing two separate media applications into something entirely new.

For Instance,

Music : When comparing with music application a mashup is a new song that is mixed from the vocal and instrumental tracks from two different source songs.

History of Mashups :

Mashups were first introduced to the web in February 2005. In late 2004 , Paul Rademacher , the former DreamWorks Animation programmer, spent hours driving around Silicon Valley , california , with a handful of craiglist rental listings and a map trying to find an apartment. Increasingly irritated , Rademacher thought there had to be a better way to find a apartment. He came up with an absolutely brilliant idea : “Why not put all of the craigslist listings on a single map?”

After several months later , his thoughts become reality Google released Google Maps and Rademacher created, the first mashup.

Needs of Mashups?

Mashups are 100% pure software as a service(SaaS) and require no installation, updates,plug-ins, admin rights, or anything but a garden variety web browser and the mashup’s URL to run.


Technologies in mashups?

WebProtocols(SOAP and REST)
Why ?

Immediate result,low cost.
Gain higher visiblity
Tend to be more open and visible which results in more transparency and information sharing.

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