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Technologies in mashups

August 3, 2009

Technologies in mashups:


AJAX ( Asynchronous JavaScript and XML ) is a term first used by Jesse James Garrett in 2005 . It is a web application model. It comprises several technologies which are listed below:

XHTML and CSS for style presentation
For dynamic display and interaction – DOM (Document Object Model) is used.
Data interchanging can be done by XML
Browser – side scripting , primarily JavaScript
When used together , the goal of these technologies is to create a smooth, cohesive Web experience for the user. A web page can retrieve and display data without having to refresh or reload the entire page….

This helps improve the overall interactivity , speed , functionality and usablity of the webpage.


Both SOAP and REST are platform neutral protocols for communicating with remote services.

SOAP been termed as Services-Oriented Access Protocol . There are two key components of the SOAP specification.

XML message format for platform-agnostic encoding .
Message structure which consists of header and body.
REST is an acronym for Representational State Transfer , a technique of Web-based communciation using HTTP and XML. REST basically supports only a few operations ( that is POST , PUT , GET , DELETE ) that are applicable in all information.

Screenscraping :

Screenscraping is a method by which a tool attempts to extract information from the content provider by attempting to parse the provider’s web-pages and formatting the retrieved content as XML data that is sent back as a response to an HTTP request.

RSS and ATOM :

RSS – Really Simple Syndication . It is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently the updated content such as blog entries ,news headlines ,etc…

ATOM – It is a HTTP based protocol for creating and updating web resources.

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