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Some uses of softwares in industry

August 3, 2009

Role of software in various industries

Advertising, Branding and Marketing

Advertising and marketing companies get a huge part of income through advertising and marketing on the internet.
WEB designing plays a major role here.
Brand management
Market search
Customer care

IT plays a crucial role here; creativity mixed with technology is what happens in this internet advertising. Lot of interesting openings is there in this field.

Tourism industry

Tourism industry needs the involvement of IT in their industry.
Nowadays people use internet as the main resource to access these tourism industries.
Bookings are made in the internet
They easily read all the related tourism information???s without the help of travel agent.


Nowadays every fashion industry takes a lot of valuable inputs from the IT industry.
It could be designing; Patterns etc these works are done so perfectly using the specialized software???s available for it.
CAD is a software used to create accurate patterns
Using software???s u can make accurate grading.
And every work is time saving


Banking has became the most essential need for every one of us .So people always tend to find an easy way to solve their banking needs .
Software???s have made banking easier than ever before, it could be.
?? Internet Banking
?? Loan serving software
?? Loan Originating software etc
Each and every transaction is made very comfortable now through internet banking.


Bioinformatics: This is a specialized study where computer programs are designed based on the Human Genome behavior.
?? This study helps to know how a disease manifests, progresses and develop complications.
?? This is used to collect data about the various behavior of human body.
?? Using those data new drugs is discovered as an antibiotic for the diseases

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