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Some examples of database models

August 3, 2009

References for Data models:
Here we have to discuss about the references for the various types of data models.

Hierarchical Databases

1. GT.M fromGrey stone Technology M
2. IMS from IBM
3. InterSystems Cach from InterSystems Corporation
4. Metakit is an embedded database from Jean-Claude Wippler
5. Unisys DMSII from Burroughs Corporation

Network Model
1. IDMS (Integrated Database Management System)
2. Raima DB from Raima

Relational Database:
1. Hsql
3. Derby
4. postage SQL
5. adabas
6. Max DB
7. Fire Bird

We have lot of relational database released for more information Click this

Object-relational mapping:
1. Oracle database
2. micro soft SQL server
3. DB2

XML Data model:
1. Apache Xlndice
2. eXist
3. Ozone
4. DOMSafe XML

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