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Google database

August 3, 2009

Google has published his database Components. that is how many web pages he has in his server. and what are the other parts in his database .let see below.

Googles Multifaceted Database
Google Web database has several facets of interest to searchers. This article compares Google reports on the size of these components of its Web database to actual search results and what searchers can expect to find.

Google Reported Numbers

Google includes some results that it has not actually indexed. In addition, it includes other file types like PDFs, PostScript, and others.

in millions

Indexed Web Pages

Un indexed URLs

Other file types

Daily Re indexed Web Pages

Counting all the above, the Google reports over 2 billion Web documents. However, in an analysis of the results from 25 very specific searches, the effective size is considerably less, since most searchers will see very few of the unindexed URLs.

Indexed Web Pages

Regular search engine results Web pages whose words have been indexed.

Un indexed URLs

URLs for Web pages or documents that Google spider has not actually visited and has not been indexed. See my page on Google Un indexed URLs for more details and an example.

Other File Types

Web accessible documents that are not Web pages, such as Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Word, PostScript, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, and other files.

Daily Reindexed Web Pages

These are just regular indexed Web pages like those in the first category, except that Google has noticed that these are pages that are frequently updated. Therefore, Google reindexes these every day or so. These pages display the date they were last refreshed after the URL and size in Google’s results.

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