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August 3, 2009

 Full multitasking:->
Multiple tasks can be run in the background, and multiple devices, such as a modem, printer, and hard drive, can be accessed at the same time.
Virtual memory:->
Linux safely uses a portion of your hard drive as virtual memory, which increases the efficiency of your system by keeping active processes in RAM and placing less frequently used or inactive portions of memory on disk.
Hardware support:->
Linux, especially Intel-based versions, supports nearly all hardware architectures and devices, with the best support for legacy hardware.
The X Window System:->
The X Window System is a graphics system for UNIX machines. This powerful interface supports many applications and is the standard interface for the industry.
Built-in networking support:->
Linux uses standard TCP/IP protocols, including Network File System (NFS) and others. You can access the Internet by connecting your system with an Ethernet card, or a parallel-port, serial cable, or over a modem to another system.
Shared libraries:->
Because each command shares a common library of subroutines it can call at runtime, Linux helps saves memory and hard drive space.
Nearly every Linux distribution comes with more than 12,000 pages of documentation in the form of manual pages, info documents, or guides.
GNU software support:->
Linux can run a wide range of free software available through the GNU project. This software includes everything from programming tools, such as compilers, assemblers, linkers, and loaders, to system administration utilities, such as stream editors, the venerable emacs editor, and even games.

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