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Why we need standards?

August 1, 2009

 Standards can be found throughout our daily lives but why do we need them?
Rather than asking why we need standards, we might usefully ask ourselves what the world would be like without standards.
Products might not work as expected. They may be of inferior quality and incompatible with other equipment, in fact they may not even connect with them, and in extreme cases; non-standardized products may even be dangerous.
Standardized products and services are valuable User ‘confidence builders’,
High quality
Standardized goods and services are widely accepted, commonly trusted and highly valued.
Standardization brings important benefits to business including a solid foundation upon which to develop new technologies and an opportunity to share and enhance existing practices.
Standardization also plays a vital role in assisting Governments, Administrations, Regulators and the legal profession.
Standards are extremely important in the IT industry. Standards are advantageous for both the end user and the manufactures of computer products. By having one set standard this helps to prevent confusion between the manufactures and the end users.
Without standards in IT industries, only hardware and software from the same company could be used together.

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